Where Can I Pawn Musical Instruments in Salt Lake City?

History of Pawn Shops

Pawn shops have in some capacity been around for nearly 3,000 years. Often times, pawning was utilized by a means to granting certain measures of aid to the less fortunate. Many would find ways to make it through each week by pawning their clothing Monday-Thursday and then retrieving them on Friday in order to make ends meet. Through the years as pawn shops evolved, people would begin to pawn more jewelry, collector’s items such as coins as well as musical instruments.


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Pawning Musical Instruments

If you have a musical instrument that you’ve been hanging onto for many years, your very well could be holding an item of unforeseen value. Guitars, whether acoustic or electric have been known to sell for the highest dollar amounts. At our shop, we will do a full appraisal and look at the condition the guitar is in, the original date the guitar was made, if there is any significant history attached to it, etc., to then come to an appropriate initial bid.


Spring Clean + Head to Pawn Brokers Exchange!

Pawn shops can not only generate more dollars in your pocket; they can help to clean any unwanted clutter in the home. If you have a guitar that has just been sitting in the house, untouched, it might be time to pawn it! We offer fair and top dollar amounts at our pawn shop.


Money in Your Wallet

Pawning your musical instrument(s) can help whenever you’re in a financial bind. Whether it’s that old drum set, the guitar in the corner or any other instrument, our team of professional appraisers will make sure to get your money back in your pocket. We will look at all considerations involved with each instrument, including the story attached to the instrument in hand. Our appraisers will be able to dig deep into the past history of each instrument to determine if there is any value that is going unseen. They will offer a fair price for you to feel confident in your decision to pawn your musical instrument.

Contact us or come see us today for any of your pawning needs. Our friendly staff is here to help you with the entire pawning process.

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