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Sell Your Rare Coins in Salt Lake City

Coin collecting, or numismatism, is an engaging and fun hobby. Many coin enthusiasts pour themselves into learning the rich history of the coins in their collection, such as their country of origin, time period in which they were used, and value in the modern world. If you have a coin collection that you don’t know much about and would like it appraised, Pawn Brokers Exchange can help you out. We employ highly knowledgeable and experienced coin dealers who are expert numismatists and are able to give you the information you need about your coin collection.


Make Top Dollar For Your Rare Coin Collection With Pawn Brokers Exchange!


One of the top pawnbrokers in the Salt Lake City, UT area, Pawn Brokers Exchange is committed to providing their clients with honest, trustworthy appraisals of valuable coin collections. Our resident coin expert is well-versed in the history and value of all types of collectible coins and possesses the resources to investigate further into coins that are extremely rare and potentially very valuable. You can trust the coin appraisal experts at Pawn Brokers Exchange to give you the fairest price for the collectible coins you wish to sell.


Looking To Add To Your Rare Coin Collection?

If you are a numismatist looking for rare and valuable coins to add to your collection, Pawn Brokers Exchange may have just the coins you’re looking for! Stop by our store at 158 South State Street to browse our vast collection of coins- you’ll be impressed by the quantity and variety of collectible coins we have in stock. Not only do our coin dealers make it their business to know a great deal about every coin we have in our store, but you can be sure you are purchasing your collectible coins for the fairest price possible. You can rely on Pawn Brokers Exchange to get you a great deal on the coins you want most for your collection.

If you recently inherited a coin collection from a relative or found one at a garage sale or on eBay and wish to have it evaluated, the coin dealer at Pawn Brokers Exchange is happy to help! We will let you know the current value of every coin in your collection so you can make a decision whether to sell or hang onto it as an asset. We are dedicated to giving all our customers the most honest, fair coin appraisal possible. Pawn Brokers Exchange is Salt Lake City’s go-to shop for expertise and knowledge of rare and valuable collectible coins.

If you have a coin collection you wish to sell, or if you are a coin collector looking to add some new pieces to your collection, stop by Pawn Brokers Exchange in Salt Lake City, or give us a call at 801-238-0111 to speak with our expert coin dealer. We look forward to hearing from you!