Whether you are looking to buy, sell or trade an item of value, Pawn Brokers Exchange is Salt Lake City’s leading choice in pawn exchange services. At Pawn Brokers Exchange, we make it easy for you to sell or trade big-ticket items such as electronics, jewelry, musical instruments and more! You can always count on Pawn Brokers Exchange to give you fair and honest pricing on items you are selling, and you can be sure that when you sell to Pawn Brokers Exchange, you are getting the best deal in town. Our pawn brokers offer obligation-free appraisals of any valuables you wish to sell, so you know exactly what they are worth. For a transparent, trustworthy place to pawn electronics Salt Lake City, Pawn Brokers Exchange has you covered.

Pawn Brokers Exchange

In addition to general pawn services including buying and selling electronics, jewelry and other values and assisting customers with secured money loans, Pawn Brokers Exchange is proud to offer the following services to our customers:

Jewelry Appraisal- Pawn Brokers Exchange employs experienced gemologists to assess the quality and condition of your jewelry so you can receive the best, fairest deal for each piece you sell. Our experienced gemologists can also assist you with jewelry purchases, letting you know everything you need to know about each piece and its value and quality.

Gold Services If you are looking to sell gold, look no further than Pawn Brokers Exchange! We offer the highest price per ounce of gold in all of Salt Lake City. Thanks to our commitment to first-class customer service and a knowledgeable, experienced staff, we can quickly and accurately assess the value of any gold you may wish to sell, including coins and collectibles, and give you the best price in town.

Coin AppraisalsHave an old coin collection you’d like to sell? At Pawn Brokers Exchange, our experienced staff can tell you all about your gold and silver coins, including their history and value, and offer you the best deal based on their findings. The coin dealers and numismatists we employ are experts in their field and will let you know exactly how much each piece is worth. You can count on it!

Secured Money Loans– Pawn Brokers Exchange offers secured money loans to qualified customers. Our staff can assist you with the approval process and set you up with a loan when you need it most. We’re here for you!

Pawn Brokers Exchange is Salt Lake City’s trusted name in pawn services. Whether you are looking to sell, trade or buy jewelry, or pawn electronics Salt Lake City, we are here to help you! Call today to speak with one of our team members, or stop by our store at 158 South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT. We look forward to working with you!