Looking For a Way to Make Quick Cash?

Getting a Secured Money Loan From a Pawn Shop

We offer secured money loans to qualified clients in and around Salt Lake City who are in need of money in a hurry — our staff can help you with the application and approval process for a secured money loan in no time at all! At Pawn Brokers Exchange we have a set monthly loan fee and do not charge a varied interest rate.


Get Cash Today!

Make Money Fast

Simply bring your item of value into our location on South State Street along with your valid I.D. and one of our loan specialists will evaluate and assess the value of your item. We always attempt to offer you the best value possible on your items and if you agree to the terms and amount, we’ll hold onto your item and loan you the cash. If you return and pay off the loan and small fee, we return your property and the transaction is complete. Nice and simple.


Benefits of a Pawn Shop Loan

Other than the low fee, lack of rising interest and a simplified process that doesn’t involve numerous pages and signatures, one of the biggest benefits of a secured money loan with Pawn Brokers Exchange is that regardless of credit, you can have that much-needed money in your hands today. All you need is an item of value.

No hidden charges!

No accrued interest!

We provide you with a reasonable amount of time to reclaim your property and almost anything of value can be used for a loan with us — including jewelry, electronics, instruments and much more.

Even if you aren’t in need of fast cash and just simply want to clean out a few things, a direct sale to us can forego a lot of wait time and frustration. No responding to strange people on the internet replying to your Craigslist post or having to take bottom-dollar selling your belongings in a garage sale, our specialists will be happy to provide you a fair offer for those items of value.

Contact us today and get money in your pocket fast!

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