How Much Are My Musical Instruments Worth to a Pawn Shop?

If you are in the Salt Lake City area, Pawn Brokers Exchange buys used musical instruments at fair, reasonable prices. Need to know more? Keep reading!

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Getting Rid of Musical Instruments?

If you are trying to get rid of your musical instruments, the value depends on several factors. This includes brand, quality, damages and other features. For example, a working, relatively well cared for Washburn guitar will typically sell for substantially less than a Schecter or Epiphone. Damaged instruments, while lower in value, may also still net you some cash depending on the brand.


Benefits of Using a Pawn Shop for Musical Instruments

Pawning your musical instruments actually comes with several benefits. First, and perhaps most importantly, pawning your musical instruments will get you quick, easy money. If you are short on cash, this may be for you. (You can also check to see if your pawn shop offers a loan. These often occur when you put an item, like a musical instrument, up as collateral. They are convenient, fast and do not require a credit check.) There are also no pre-requisites to selling an item to a pawn shop. Sure, a certificate of authenticity might be nice, but it’s not needed. Pawn shops are also not just limited to one specific type of item. Whether you are trying to sell a guitar, violin or flute – a pawn shop will buy almost anything it can sell.


Why Use Pawn Brokers Exchange?

Located in Salt Lake City, Pawn Brokers Exchange is a great place to sell or buy musical instruments. Because we have a musical instrument expert on our staff, you can rest assured we understand the value of your item. We also do our best to provide you with the best price for any item you are looking to sell. If you have a musical instrument you are considering sell, please stop by Pawn Brokers Exchange or contact us today.


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