How Do You Report a Stolen Item to a Pawn Shop?

Every day, pawn shops buy and sell items from hundreds of people. It’s an attractive way to make quick cash when you need it. But what would happen if an item was actually stolen and somebody tried to pawn it? Unfortunately, this can happen if you don’t choose a reputable pawn shop in Salt Lake City UT. We’re going to help you recover or report a stolen item in case it happens to you.


Report a Stolen Item

 The best thing you can do if your possessions have been stolen is to file a police report. You don’t have to mention it to a local pawn shop. They’re not going to tell you about their dealings anyway. You can make a report with your local law enforcement and this will make sure that you go through the right channels to recover your belongings. Most pawns shops report their transactions to law enforcement, which will make sure any stolen items found. In fact, this is why a lot of criminals don’t pawn stolen items anymore; they get caught out.


Choose a Good Pawn Shop

A trustworthy and experienced pawn shop in Salt Lake City UT will have the skills to spot stolen items. Often, it’s jewelry, such as designer watches and mobile phones and tablets that will be stolen. Pawnshops will ask for government-issued ID for the transaction so that anything can be linked back and they can find who sold or pawned an item. This will stop criminals coming into the pawnshop to begin with. You should always visit a pawn shop you feel comfortable with. Go in and look around, ask the team members questions and see if it’s somewhere you trust before using them. Just remember that stolen goods are less likely to be available in a pawn shop now than ever before with checks in place.


The Pawn Brokers Exchange is a reputable pawn shop in Salt Lake City UT. We were built on a strong foundation of honesty and integrity. We make sure that all items are checked thoroughly to ensure there are no stolen belongings. We have a professional team to appraise your items to ensure you get the price you deserve. We proudly service the Salt Lake City area and our customers trust us. If you have any questions, contact us today! We’ll gladly assist you.


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