How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Guitars?

Do you have a guitar lying around in your home that you never use? Don’t think you’re going to play it again? Perhaps it’s time to part ways with your guitar. Of course, you don’t have to give it away for nothing. Instead, you can enjoy some cash for your guitar by selling it. In […] Read More

How Do You Report a Stolen Item to a Pawn Shop?

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Where Can I Pawn Musical Instruments in Salt Lake City?

History of Pawn Shops Pawn shops have in some capacity been around for nearly 3,000 years. Often times, pawning was utilized by a means to granting certain measures of aid to the less fortunate. Many would find ways to make it through each week by pawning their clothing Monday-Thursday and then retrieving them on Friday […] Read More

How to Tell if You Have a Rare Coin

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