10 Items You Can’t Pawn in Salt Lake City Utah

Sometimes you need quick cash in Salt Lake City, UT. One of your best options is to go to a pawn shop Salt Lake City, UT. You can sell or pawn just about anything you can think of in a pawnshop Salt Lake City, UT. You’ll get the money on the spot and if you decide to pawn it, you can get the item back. There are however items that a pawn shop Salt Lake City, UT won’t accept.

  1. Anything illegal: this should be obvious to just about everyone but that doesn’t stop people from bringing illegal items in. Avoid bringing in passports, hazardous materials, drugs, illegal weapons, etc.
  2. Stolen items: You may have seen pawn shops on TV and in movies accepting stolen goods. In truth the vast majority of pawnshops won’t take stolen goods. They are required to follow specific regulations and comply with federal laws. If you bring in something stolen like a watch they will check the serial number to see if it’s stolen and call the police if it is.
  3. VCRs and VHS tapes: In today’s world VCRs and VHS tapes have become obsolete. Things like streaming services and DVDs have made sure of it. At this point, the vast majority of VHS tapes have virtually no value.
  4. Old box TVs and broken TVs: Box TVs have no value thanks to all the nice flat screen TVs on the market. Pawn shops don’t want any type of broken TV because TVs are becoming cheaper every year and the cost of fixing them doesn’t make sense.
  5. Used mattresses: Older mattresses don’t have much life in them and are less durable. Most people don’t want to buy a used mattress because they have no idea how long it’s been used for or who used it before them.
  6. Older mobile phone: phones like flip phones and other models hold almost no value now that new smartphone come onto the market every year.
  7. Cassette players and tapes: it’s the same case as with VCRs and VHS tapes. No one wants these when they can download all the music they want. There’s no value in them.
  8. Vacuums: High-end vacuums can cost a lot of money, but they don’t have much secondhand value. People don’t want the potential allergens and germs that a used vacuum brings.
  9. Footwear: this one can be tricky. Special edition and high-end designer shoes have value. Your average new balance sneakers have no value to a pawnshop.
  10. Old baby cribs: any crib manufactured before June 28, 2011 doesn’t meet current safety regulations. This means older cribs don’t have value.


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